Lothlorien - that are concept - albums in the style of Pink Floyd and Marillion.
But there are also musical influences of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan to be recognised.

Lothlorien - that is music to dream with lyrics to think about.

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The book of the nearly forgotten fairytales (Vol 3)
The last part of the forgotten fairytales trilogy.
And - again - there is the battle between good and evil.
On the one hand there are the black witch (which we know from Volume two of the trilogy), her malicious son Banewort and cruel orcs.
On the other hand there are Queen Ayleen (which we also know from Volume two of the trilogy), brave men, dwarfs and elves, a white and good fairy and Lilly, the real heroine of the story.

Track list:  
01 Queen Ayleen Listen 
02 Lust for life Listen
03 The foreign land Listen
04 The wayfarer Listen
05 The legend of Lilly and Banewort Listen
06 The alliance Listen
07 Ayleen's song (reprise) Listen
08 The battle Listen
09 And they lived happily ever after Listen
CD, incl. 32-asided booklet    
released: 2024    

The book of the nearly forgotten fairytales (Vol 2)
The fairytale goes on:
In the second volume of the saga we come to know what happened to the brave women and men, who fled from the war and who stranded beyond the horizon on that mystic island behind the fog .
A fairytale about the creation of the world, about ogres and other dangers, about new hopes and brave women and men, who fight for survival.
And we also get to know a young brave woman and her song.
Track list:  
01 Mother of the Creation Listen 
02 Beyond the horizon (reprise) Listen
03 Life in paradaise Listen
04 Glistening stones Listen
05 Lost souls Listen
06 The legend of Ayleen and the ogre Listen
CD, incl. 32-asided booklet    
released: 2022    

The book of the nearly forgotten fairytales
A fairytale-album including everything a fairytale needs: Queens and kings, brave women and men, heroes, seer and wise men and – of cause – evil witches and eerie dragons.
Track list:  
01 The seer's prophecy Listen 
02 The tree of harmony Listen
03 The legend of Marianne and James Listen
04 The downfall of the empire Listen
05 Beyond the horizon Listen
CD, incl. 32-asided booklet    
released: 2021    

Paths of life
Nine paths of life: nine humans, nine stories, nine fates - nine songs.
A concept-album of another kind.
Track list:  
01 Joe Listen 
02 Jamal Listen
03 Janey Listen
04 Santos Listen
05 Carlos Listen
06 John Listen
07 June Listen
08 Sam  Listen
09 Billy Listen
CD, incl. 32-asided booklet    
released: 2021    

Nearly forgotten songs (Vol 2)
The sequel of the project "Nearly forgotten songs", again a collection of own songs and cover songs interpreted as duets.
But this time all songs are duetted by Lothlorien and Gudrun Blanke.
Track list:  
01 Shadow from the past Listen 
02 Hold me Listen
03 Guaranteed Listen
04 Back into life Listen
05 Living today Listen
06 When you're gone Listen
07 One week of trust Listen
08 Someday I'll be Saturday night  Listen
09 Soldier Listen
10 To lead you home Listen
11 Society Listen
CD, incl. 4-asided booklet 12 That's me Listen
Released: 2020 13 You're my guiding light Listen
14 Auld lang syne Listen
  Bonus track:  
  15 Like heaven it feels Listen

Nearly forgotten songs
No concept-album in the classical meaning.
A collection of own songs and cover songs interpreted as duets with different vocalists.
Track list:  
01 Here is my song Listen 
02 Bring it on home to me Listen
03 Like a knife in my soul Listen
04 Nights in white satin Listen
05 Deborah Listen
06 If I should fall behind Listen
07 Namida Listen
08 The last time I saw you Listen
09 Doesn't matter (Life goes on) Listen
10 Candle in the wind Listen
11  Forever young Listen
CD, incl. 24-asided booklet 12 All I need Listen
Released: 2019 13 If it be your will Listen
Bonus tracks:  
  14 Father and son Listen
  15 Hallelujah Listen

In spite of everything
The new concept-album of lothlorien after three years. It tells in twelve folk/rock songs the story of a man who had to rearrange his life after the end of a relationship.
Lothlorien recorded and produced this album comparatively fast and with the exclusive help of his wife.
Track list:  
01 Times Listen 
02 When our love was young Listen
03 To lead you home Listen
04 What remains? Listen
05 Things have changed Listen
06 To face up to the facts (part 1) Listen
07 Latterly Listen
08 Overdue Listen
09 To face up to the facts (part 1) Listen
10 The call Listen
11 Never enough Listen
CD, incl. 28-asided booklet 12 In spite of everything Listen
Released: 2018  

On this stage of life
After five years a new album by Lothlorien. Subject is nothing lower than the state of the earth: pollution, war and social inequality. But also the role of the religions are picked out as a central theme.
musically some songs are redolent to the music of Pink Floyd (especially the eleven-minute song "Genesis"). But there are also some typical Lothlorien - ballads existing.
On this stage of life Track list:  
01 Genesis Listen 
03 Father Listen
04 The cry of the earth Listen
05 The fisherman Listen
06 Together Listen
07 Anthem Listen
08 Time flies Listen
09 On this stage of life Listen
10 Freedom Listen
CD, incl. 24-asided booklet      
Released: 2015      

A night in the city
A concept - album like a musical episode film. In mostly easefull rock -, pop - and folk songs tells Lothlorien about a night walk through the city and about the people whom one meets there, about their history, about their fears and worries.
A night in the city Track list:  
01 The city (part 1) Listen 
02 Fruit and vegetables (part 1) Listen
03 Will Joad Listen
04 The old man from the first floor Listen
05 The city (part 2) Listen
06 Shattered dreams Listen
07 Behind a mask (part 1) Listen
08 Jennifer Listen
09 Behind a mask (part 2) Listen
10 Just a lttle bit of love Listen
11 All these years Listen
CD, incl. 36-asided booklet 12 The city (part 3) Listen
Released: 2010 13 Boredom and fears Listen
14 Thoughts of a sleepless night Listen
  15 The city (part 4) Listen
  16 The jester Listen
  17 Fruit and vegetables (part 2) Listen

Jigsaw pieces
Another ambitious concept - album of Lothlorien. A dark rock opera about the death, missed chances and lost dreams, as regards content maybe comparably with Pink Floyds "The wall".
With his mixture of rock and folk, Lothlorien musically remains loyal to itself.
Jigsaw pieces Track list:  
01 Morning (part 1) Listen 
02 Children of the world (part 1) Listen
03 Ballad of Crazy Daddy Listen
04 Death Listen
05 Voices in the wind (part 1) Listen
06 Children of the world (part 2) Listen
07 Like a cloud in the storm Listen
08 Jigsaw pieces (part 1) Listen
09 Blood brothers Listen
10 A piece of heaven Listen
11 Voices in the wind (part 2) Listen
CD, incl. 24-asided booklet 12 Jigsaw pieces (part 2) Listen
Released: 2008 13 Tired Listen
14 Thoughts Listen
  15 Morning (part 2) Listen

Just another love song
A concept - album about breaking love, the failure of a relationship, about not admitted fears, unspoken wishes, unfulfilled dreams and forgotten yearnings.
A sad story, told in 12 mostly easeful rock and folk ballads.
Just another love song Track list:  
01 Home Listen 
02 Wish you were here Listen
03 Like a knife in my soul Listen
04 Scars on the soul (part 1) Listen
05 After all these years Listen
06 It's over Listen
07 Before you go away Listen
08 Now that you're gone Listen
09 The faces remain the same Listen
10 Scars on the soul (part 2) Listen
11 Paralysed Listen
CD, incl. 32-asided booklet 12 Nearly forgotten Listen
Released: 2006  

About stepping stones and lost dreams
The debut - album of Lothlorien, a very personal concept - album about growing up and the face-off with the own past that you can't escape. An album about love and lost love, about dreams that don't come true, about lost hopes and about the search of the own way.
An easeful, reflective rock - album, an album like a film, telling in flashbacks and in haunting pctures about life.
About stepping stones and lost dreams Track list:  
01 Coming home Listen 
02 All of my life Listen
03 Stepping stones (part 1) Listen
04 Christine Listen
05 Sister Listen
06 Just one night Listen
07 To make it right Listen
08 A fleeting glimpse Listen
09 Blinded Listen
10 Tears of helplessness Listen
11 Stepping stones (part 2) Listen
CD, incl. 36-asided booklet 12 Trodden paths Listen
Released: 2003 13 Hold me Listen
14 Don't ask Listen
  15 Stepping stones (part 3) Listen


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